Czech Republic, 2016: UAPSRS Case No. 87

CountryCzech Republic
State or ProvinceNot Specified
CityPraha (Prague)
TimeAround 15:30 (3:30 PM) CET
WeatherBeautiful pink cloudy sunset, good visibility
DurationMaybe 5 mins, then once more some minutes later, for another couple of minutes
Witnesses (Number)6 or 7
DistanceProbably a couple of kilometers
Solid ObjectYes
SizeIf I pointed at the sky with straight arm, object would cover approx. 1/2 of my fingernail on the pointing finger
Shape DetailsThe strangest feature of the whole encounter was that it did not change shape at all (it was not rotating or rolling, just got smaller slowly)
ColorBlack only
How Many LightsNot Specified
How BrightNot Specified
Light ColorationNot Specified
SoundNot Specified
Motion/SpeedEven if it produced sound, we wouldn’t hear it at that distance probably, and it appeared almost static, then slowly getting smaller as if gaining altitude slowly
Number of ObjectsOne
Coordination/CommunicationNot Specified
DescriptionIn 2016, near Prague (Praha), Czechia, a group of 6-7 witnesses observed a triangular-shaped solid object in the sky during a beautiful pink cloudy sunset with good visibility. The object remained static and slowly got smaller as if gaining altitude. It was black in color, did not emit any lights or sounds, and had no metallic or shiny features. No occupants or windows were observed. The sighting lasted for approximately 5 minutes, with a second sighting occurring later for another couple of minutes. The witnesses were unable to discern any advanced capabilities or signs of propulsion on the object. The altitude of the object was estimated to be 1-2 km above the ground, but its actual size was unknown.
Nearby LandmarksPrague Old town, Vltava river, Holešovice market place, Vltavská metro station crossroads
Altitude1-2 km above ground, but very hard to estimate because of unknown actual size of object, it was quite confusing
Advanced CapabilitiesNo
Visible PayloadNo
RadarNot Specified
SignaturesNot Specified
Health EffectsHmm, just the reaction of people around me, because no one believed me, and that gets very frustrating
Physical/Environmental EffectsCannot answer
Animal DisturbanceNot Specified
Witness FeelingsI thought it was so cool and was looking forward to check my phone videos at home, I got home, copied or maybe moved the videos to my laptop, and I only know I couldn’t and have not found them ever after, I still cannot understand this aspect, it was probably my own mistake as I somehow messed up out of excitement, I don’t know, but there would be nothing to be seen anyway on that distance, I tested this later
Witness AssessmentIt looked like they were looking at the beautiful sunset above beautiful Prague old town, with the river and the Prague castle, as if they stopped to enjoy the few precious beautiful minutes in this scenery
Additional InfoAfter my encounter I contacted first by mistake Slovakian UFO sightings reporting enthusiasts, they forwarded my message to Czech colleagues and they contacted me with additional questions that I answered and that was it. Many years later I coincidentally found out that they published the sighting, asking for more witnesses in an article. I commented there and got very hyped because someone posted a suggestion to watch a video about a UFO over Islamabad, that mine sounded like that one. I checked it and my mind was blown – it was EXACTLY what I saw, the Islamabad UFO.


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Czech Republic, 2016: UAPSRS Case No. 87