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To submit a UAP report to the UAP Sightings Reporting System, use the form below. Please try to provide as many details about your sighting as possible. Any questions you are unable to answer may be left blank. By submitting your sighting report, you agree to allow a summary of your sighting to be featured publicly on this website once it has been submitted. This helps ensure that potentially significant data collected about UAP can be made accessible for the benefit of the public and scientific research. Names and personal identifying information will be removed from any portions of reports made publicly available on this site. For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions.

BEFORE YOU FILE A REPORT: Please consider whether you may have observed one of the following objects commonly mistaken for UAP (see our complete list of common misidentifications):

  • Astronomical Objects: Planets, bright stars, meteors, etc.
  • Starlink Constellations: Satellite “trains” that may appear as lights moving together in a line through the sky.
  • International Space Station and Satellites: Will appear as a single solid light traversing the evening sky.

Reports suspected of being hoaxes, misidentifications, or otherwise deemed to be unreliable will be omitted from the sighting data collected by the UAPSRS.

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Please note: If you wish to share any large image or movie files with your report, we may ask you to submit them using a trusted third-party file-sharing service to ensure their successful delivery.

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    UAP Physical Characteristics

    Did the UAP appear to be a solid object?

    What shape was the object?

    Did the object appear metallic or shiny?

    What was the object's color?

    Did the object produce a glow or halo?

    Were there lights on the object (separate from any glow or halo)?

    Did the object produce any sound?

    How many objects were observed?

    If more than one object, did there seem to be coordination and/or communication between them?

    Were windows or other openings observed on the UAP?

    Were any pilots or occupants of the UAP observed?

    Images or Video Obtained? (If yes, see "Attach File" option below)

    Additional Information
    Please provide exact or best estimated details for any of the following, if known.

    Could any propulsion be discerned (i.e. jet plumes, flame, etc)?

    Did the UAP move erratically, or seem to display any advanced capabilities?

    Did the object appear to be carrying a payload of any kind?

    Was the object detected on radar (if observed by a pilot or ATC operator)?

    Were any other detectable signatures produced by the object (e.g., radio interference, etc)

    Did the UAP seem to display awareness that it was being observed?

    Did the UAP seem to display any signs of aggression or hostility?

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    DISCLAIMER: This site does not encourage the sharing of any classified information from U.S. government sources or information that is otherwise deemed to be sensitive regarding U.S. national security. UAP sighting information that is believed to contain classified information or which may represent a concern to U.S. national security should be reported to the DoD’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office. More on the classification of U.S. government information can be found on this legal resource page. For additional details about the UAPSRS and the information we collect, please see our Terms and Conditions.