UAP sightings featured by the UAPSRS on this website can be explored in several ways, including the categories listed below, as well as the Searchable Table of UAP Sightings further down on this page. Basic searches based on location, year, and UAP shape can be initiated below:

Additional search criteria may be entered into the search box below, or by using our Searchable Table of UAP Sightings tool (see next section):

Searchable Table of UAP Sightings

Below, we have also provided a searchable table of UAP sightings collected by the UAPSRS. Cases are listed below in horizontal rows, with characteristics associated with sightings appearing in vertical columns. Our most current database is also available for download in CSV and Excel file formats on this page.

Instructions on navigating the searchable database are included below the table. Those who would prefer a geographic display of all the UAP sightings in this database may visit our Sightings Map page. Additionally, a complete listing of sightings reports that include videos, images, and other media can be found here.

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How to Search the Database: Keywords may be entered into the “Search” field (located to the right above the table) to populate a short listing of reports matching those criteria, allowing users to search for UAP cases displaying specific characteristics. Examples might include searching by country name, object shape (i.e., “disc”, “triangular,” etc), or other criteria.

Navigating the Table: The default number of entries displayed at any given time is 10 sightings, although this number can be adjusted using the “Show Entries” tool (located to the left above the table), and entry sets can be scrolled through using the navigation bar at the bottom right of the table.

We are always striving to share the data we collect about UAP in unique and informative ways. Regular updates and new data visualizations will be added to this site periodically, and feedback is welcome on how the site may improve its sharing of sightings reports, data sets, and other information about UAP sightings. You may reach us at, or by encrypted email at