Ohio, 2023: UAPSRS Case No. 181

Ohio, 2023: UAPSRS Case No. 181

CASE STATUS: Resolved (See “Additional Info” field below for details).

State or ProvinceOhio
CityLiberty Township
WeatherCloudy, Temperature: 31 °F, Wind: NNW, Wind Speed: 7 mph
DurationNot Specified
Witnesses (Number)1
DistanceNot Specified
Solid ObjectYes
SizeSmall, possibly less than a foot in diameter (compared to the Sun visible above it in video witness provided)
Shape DetailsSpherical object
Metallic/ShinyPossible reflectivity
How Many LightsN/A
How BrightN/A
Light ColorationN/A
Motion/SpeedChanged from vertical to horizontal direction
Number of Objects1
DescriptionIn March 2023, the witness observed a sphere-like object in broad daylight while driving to work. The object initially rose vertically from a wooded area, then changed direction to horizontal flight, traveling southwest. The witness found this 90-degree change peculiar and began filming. The object traveled against the wind, and the witness regretted not being able to film longer due to work commitments. The attached video shows the object moving under the sun from left to right.
Nearby LandmarksIntersection of Liberty & Home roads
AltitudeNot Specified
PropulsionNot Specified
Advanced Capabilities90-degree directional change
Visible PayloadNone
Health EffectsNone
Physical/Environmental EffectsNone
Animal DisturbanceNone
Witness FeelingsFound the object’s movement peculiar and noteworthy
Witness AssessmentBelieves it was one of the spheres referenced by the DoD and others
Additional InfoCASE STATUS: RESOLVED. Rationale for case resolution: The witness provided weather data and other information, along with a video of the object (see below). UAPSRS stabilized the footage, and used the Tracker physics app to enhance the footage with filters and apply plot points demonstrating constant speed (i.e. no sign of acceleration) and slight variances in altitude while in flight, which are inconsistent with conventional aircraft (see second video included below). Two birds that pass through the frame were judged to be flying at an estimated average speed of 25 mph (based on average cruise speed of songbirds in flight ranging between 20-30 mph), indicating the object’s movement to be much slower by comparison, with estimated speed of object likely being no more than 10 mph. Weather data provided by Weather Underground indicates the object had indeed been moving with the wind, which was blowing NNW at a speed of 7 mph. Based on position of Sun and the local time (8:34 AM, according to video metadata), object was moving toward the North. Analysis of data provided indicates the object’s movement is consistent with a balloon being carried by the wind, as had initially been judged by witness as the object was observed rising from a nearby forested area. UAPSRS concludes with high confidence that the object is a balloon.

Original video provided by witness (low resolution copy):

Image Enhancement with Tracker App:



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Ohio, 2023: UAPSRS Case No. 181