Announcing the Launch of the UAP Sightings Reporting System

We are very proud to announce the official launch of the Unexplained Anomalous Phenomena Sightings Reporting System (UAPSRS), an online resource that is designed to collect information about credible sightings of unidentified anomalous phenomena, or UAP, and make them freely available to the public.

The mission of the UAPSRS is to collect data on aerial mysteries and related phenomena that may be potentially useful to science, as well as to provide an online archive of information about them as a free service to the public.  

UAP have generated a significant amount of public interest in recent years, resulting in renewed involvement by the U.S. Department of Defense and the establishment of its All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) as well as NASA’s recent UAP Independent Study Team. Both of these groups have offered recent suggestions about how better data on UAP, as well as greater quantities of it, might be obtained.

In the furtherance of obtaining data on UAP that scientists may find useful, the UAPSRS website has worked to incorporate several of the suggested criteria that both AARO and NASA have recommended, which include several specific criteria commonly associated with UAP sightings and a means by which it can be collected from the public. However, as an entirely independent, civilian-maintained endeavor, the development of the UAPSRS has also relied on the guidance of several respected members of the research community, including members of groups like the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU) and the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS), whose knowledge of the subject have helped to improve the way we aim to collect information about UAP sightings.

The UAPSRS has been created under just a few core guiding principles, which are:

  1. The collection and preservation of information about UAP as a service to the public
  2. Making data accessible that could potentially be crucial to our scientific understanding of these phenomena, and
  3. The promotion of transparency regarding UAP and any information collected about it.

UAP sightings are submitted to the UAPSRS voluntarily by users of this website. Anyone who believes they have observed UAP or phenomena related to it may submit a report to the UAPSRS using our “Report a Sighting” page. You can also learn more about the UAPSRS on our “About” page, as well as get a primer on past U.S. government and civilian UAP studies on our historical reference page of past UAP studies and research efforts.

For email inquiries, you may reach us at, and for those who prefer encrypted email, you may reach us at We welcome inquiries from the public about how we can improve the quality, appearance, and presentation of what we feature on this website, and hope that it will serve as an additional source of helpful information on aerial mysteries, in addition to promoting transparency about these phenomena and the information that is collected about them.

-Micah Hanks, Director, UAPSRS



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Announcing the Launch of the UAP Sightings Reporting System