RESOLVED: Texas, 2000s (est): UAPSRS Case No. 20

Texas, 2000s (est): UAPSRS Case No. 20

CountryUnited States
State or ProvinceTexas
Date2000s (witness did not recall exact year)
TimeNot specified
WeatherFair, night
DurationNot specified
Solid ObjectNot specified
SizeApproximately basketball size
ShapeSilver orb
Shape DetailsNot specified
Metallic/ShinyYes (silver)
Glow/HaloNot specified
LightsNot specified
How Many LightsNot specified
How BrightNot specified
Light ColorationNot specified
SoundNot mentioned
Motion/SpeedNot specified
Number of Objects1
Coordination/CommunicationNot mentioned
WindowsNot mentioned
OccupantsNot mentioned
DescriptionUPDATE: Examination of footage reveals likelihood of insect operating in close proximity to the camera. Case Status: RESOLVED. Original Report: Witness observed a silver orb near Copano Bay, Bayside, Texas, captured by one of his security cameras. The object appeared to be approximately the size of a basketball. The witness initially considered it might be a camera malfunction but is uncertain if the video file was saved or deleted. It was viewed on an old PC that is no longer in use, making file recovery uncertain. This is the only unusual sighting that the witness has encountered that could have been a UAP.
Nearby LandmarksCopano Bay
AltitudeNot specified
PropulsionNot mentioned
Advanced CapabilitiesNot mentioned
Visible PayloadNot mentioned
RadarNot mentioned
SignaturesNot mentioned
AwarenessNot mentioned
AggressionNot mentioned
Health EffectsNot mentioned
Physical/Environmental EffectsNot mentioned
Animal DisturbanceNot mentioned
Witness FeelingsNot specified
Witness AssessmentThe witness initially thought it might be a camera malfunction but did not provide further assessment.
Additional InfoNo additional information provided in the narrative.



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RESOLVED: Texas, 2000s (est): UAPSRS Case No. 20