United Kingdom, 2020: UAPSRS Case No. 171

Illinois, 2020: UAPSRS Case No. 171

CountryUnited Kingdom
State or ProvinceGloucestershire
Time1:30 PM
WeatherClear, cloudless sky – no wind/completely still
Duration3 minutes
Witnesses (Number)1
Distance400 feet
Solid ObjectYes
Size1/5 size of a full moon
Shape DetailsNot Specified
ColorOpaque/matt white
How Many LightsNot Specified
How BrightNot Specified
Light ColorationNot Specified
Motion/Speed20 mph/traveled 1.6 km in 3 minutes
Number of ObjectsOne
Coordination/CommunicationNot Specified
DescriptionOn the day in question, the witness, a professional drone operator and wildlife cameraman, was working as a volunteer on an archaeological dig of a Roman Villa in Gloucestershire. Around lunchtime, the witness noticed a white object moving in a straight line above the A46, initially mistaking it for a balloon or plastic bag. Upon closer observation, it was seen to be a perfect white sphere, moving erratically for a few seconds before resuming its course and disappearing over a hedge. The object displayed advanced capabilities by coming to a dead stop directly above the dig trenches.
Nearby LandmarksDyrham Park Estate
Latitude51.27.55.60 N
Longitude2.23.22.09 W
Altitude400 to 500 feet
Advanced CapabilitiesYes
Visible PayloadNo
Health EffectsNo
Physical/Environmental EffectsNone
Animal DisturbanceNo birds visible in the entire sky, which was odd
Witness FeelingsStunned/baffled
Witness AssessmentAs a professional drone operator and wildlife cameraman of 30 years, the witness had never seen anything like this in his entire career.
Additional InfoThe witness spotted the white object at a range of about 1 km above the A46 moving towards his position in a dead straight line. Having flown drones at the site to document the archaeology, the witness was familiar with the air traffic corridor for nearby Bristol airport. Initially thought to be a balloon or plastic bag, it was soon identified as a perfect white sphere, which suddenly came to a dead stop directly above the open dig trenches, moved erratically for a few seconds, and then resumed its course, disappearing over a hedge within 20 seconds.



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United Kingdom, 2020: UAPSRS Case No. 171